Philip Prowse

Philip Prowse has been involved in the real estate industry for over 30 years and has had experience in all aspects of real estate.  He spent 9 years at a leading commercial real estate firm before opening his own business 18 years ago. In May 2013 he joined with Burns O’Donoghue to establish Prowse Burns Commercial.

Philip is a licensed Estate Agent and Qualified Auctioneer and now specializes in the following areas:

–     Selling and leasing of commercial, retail and industrial properties.
–     Property Management of projects
–     Planning and Management of projects
–     Valuations
–     General Consultancy

Philip’s across the board knowledge and experience of the industry has assisted him in achieving his clients’ property goals.

His hands-on approach and ability to relate to people assists in completing complex real estate transactions.

Philip’s insight into the property market and his dedication in providing exceptional service results in the best possible outcome for his clients.